Spice Market, Meatpacking District


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ABC Kitchen, Flatiron District


Upstate Beer & Oyster Bar, East Village


WOW, this place is a seafood lover’s heaven! I can wholeheartedly put it on my list of favourite restaurants in New York City! I usually wouldn’t fall for places with the words ‘beer’ or ‘bar’ in the name (especially for a dinner spot), but I was tempted since a friend highly recommended it to me. Continue reading

Le Périgord, Midtown East


Le Périgord was a former earldom of France that is currently part and known as the county of Dordogne. The region is famous for its ducks (especially for making Foie Gras) as well as its truffles and Mont Bazillac (one of my favourite wines!!).

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Norma’s, Midtown


Located in Le Parker Meridien hotel, Norma’s is considered one of the most upscale brunches in Manhattan. Continue reading

Barrio 47, West Village


Another great brunch place to put on your list! Continue reading

Lafayette, NoHo

lafayette-restaurant-entrance nyc

If I had to sum up my experience in one sentence, I would say that it was a ‘petite mort’ 😉

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Buddakan, Meatpacking


Buddakan makes a lot of noise in the NYC culinary scene, so I felt obligated to go there, just to cross it off my bucket list! Continue reading

Asiate, Columbus Circle


Asiate can officially go on my list of favourite restaurants in New York City. If I had to sum it up in one line: go there for the spectacular Central Park views and their killer Chocolate Soufflé. Continue reading

Bagatelle, Meatpacking district


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