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3 new cool apps to download


#Facebook new mobile feature: NEARBY FRIENDS

It was making the headlines last Friday: Facebook is launching a friend-tracking mobile feature.

The question is: Is it worth getting excited about?

As far as I am concerned, I have never used Foursquare nor Google Latitude (if you’ve even heard of that one).  I mean… you can check in with Facebook so what was even the point of downloading either of these? Well, the answer was none, to me.

However, this Nearby Friends feature sounds interesting since it is actually not an app to download but a tab inside the Facebook app’s “More” menu. So you won’t have the hassle of downloading a new Facebook app.  What is good about this feature is that you can allow it to work only if you want it to, so you don’t feel ‘forced’ to let go of (more) of your privacy. If you opt in to using the Nearby Friends feature, it will allow you to see your friends that are nearby (the name kind of speaks for itself right) – presuming these friends turned on the feature as well.

Tapping on a friend lets you message them to arrange a meet-up. If you’re trying to find each other inside a large park, for example, you can tap the location-arrow button to send a friend your precise location. If you’ve enabled Nearby Friends, Facebook will also send you a push notification if somebody unexpected turns up nearby.

Dont get too excited though! This feature isn’t available yet. It will begin to appear in the United States during the next few weeks before dissemination to other users around the world.

Have a look at the video, it’s just a teaser for now 😉

I think this app will solve a lot of problems once it’s out! Especially when you’re out… instead of texting your friends every hour to tell them where you are, you will be able to allow them to ‘follow’ your position and avoid some drama 🙂 .


Meanwhile, you can use another app that I think is really cool. I discovered it recently (it was also launched a few weeks ago). It’s called TAG – YOU’RE IT (By Pinchit). Basically, it allows you to send a screenshot of your position and send it to your friend right away. You know when someone texts you something like (or similar to):

‘Where are you? What is the name of the bar again??? I can’t find it!!’

Well… instead of Googling the name of the bar to find the right address (especially if you’re drunk), or even put it on your map app, screenshot it and send it to your wandering pal, you can do it all together in one click with TAG -YOU’RE IT.


As you can see in this screenshot that I just took with my phone, I opened the app and it automatically spotted me at ’77 Water St’, my beautiful office. I took the picture of the man I share my life with everyday at work (Muzzy) and I can now send it to any friend I want who would like to meet me for lunch, for instance. Once my friends receive my tag, they just need to click on the map and it automatically connects you to your map app. Cool right?

#Kitestring – the app that makes sure you get home safe and sound!

In a similar way, this app will follow your steps and geo-locate you. The way this app really differentiates itself is that it’s specifically made to ‘check on you’, not to meet up with friends.

The way it works is easy: you let Kitestring know that you’re somewhere dangerous and Kitestring will text you a little bit later to see if you’re okay (depending on the time you set up) Eg: if you ask Kitstring to check on you in 40 minutes, then you’ll be texted 40 minutes after. If you don’t reply, it alerts the people that you put in your emergency contact list that something may be wrong.

kitestring-app-cool-new-app-le-blog-de-lilyTry not to get into too much trouble though. Kitestring may text your friends for you, but they actually need to come rescue you 😉

So… which one of these do you feel like trying?

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