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FREELANCERS: Looking for a co-working place in Paris 3 or Paris 4?


Hi there,

For the people who don’t know it yet , I recently resigned from my job to pursue a solo project. One of the first things that came to my mind after I did was ‘where on earth am I going to be working from’? Home? No way… I do not want to feel lonely and depressed, thanks. I’m the kind of human being who likes to be surrounded by people and I need to interact with new people constantly. The simple solution? Co-working spaces. Except.. It’s not all that simple to find a place that fits your working style, personality and preferences. So … here are some ideas of co-working spaces for you along with some personal feedback, given what I’ve tested in the last month.


After asking a couple of my friends who went through some entrepreneurial phases (that came out to be successful for some, and not so much for others) I was recommended to try ‘NUMA’ – a space meant to attract young entrepreneurs destined to mingle. So I went… and I was extremely disappointed……. There is indeed a ‘space’, with a lot ‘people’ there. THAT, yes. BUT… it feels like going to a factory and just looking at the space killed my creativity. I was expecting something modern and new (since it’s quite recent) and it was not… at ALL.

1- The desks are ridiculously tiny (and I’m quite skinny), so you need to fight to find a place to sit since it’s always over crowded;

2- There’s an information desk at the entrance but the person who is supposed to work there is…. never there?

3- There is no printer (which is kind of surprising…. I guess they thought: “Young entrepreneurs don’t ever need to print stuff”????),

4- People are not that friendly (I asked one guy how to get to the 3rd floor for a conference one day and he just did not want to give me the code, thinking I could steal or something? Because, side note: the open floor/ free space is downstairs but, if you need a real desk, you need to pay a lot more and you will get an ‘office’ in the floors upstairs );

5- There are broken chairs and dust…. AND they don’t even do soy cappuccinos at the cafeteria…. the latter being the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Seriously, I’m glad I’ve tried it, but this space is definitely not for me. I guess I’ll just leave it to people who like to feel oppressed. 


Therefore… I had to make do with basic options, like Starbucks and Costa Coffee. And you know what? Costa Coffee (especially the one at RAMBUTEAU) happened to be WAYY better! Wifi is better, staff is super friendly, the tables are actually bigger than the ones at NUMA AND.. they have soy caps! So yeah… think about COSTA, that can really help, and there are actually a lot of people who will be working there on their laptop just like you.

If I had to pick between Costa and Starbucks, I would definitely choose Costa… coffees are less expensive (and just as good), the music is not as loud and there is more space.



I just discovered the space today and this is the reason why I’m actually writing this post… BECAUSE I AM SO EXCITED! The two founders (Jeremy and Anthony who are respectively 25 and 26 years old) used to live in Sydney (Australia) and damn, you can feel it as soon as you get in. The atmosphere is warm, there are super friendly, they give you all of the information that you need in a sec AND it is only 4 euros per hour… coffees and cookies INCLUDED. At first, I thought I did not get that point right… but I did 🙂 Yes…. you can stay there for an hour and if you need capuccinos, lattes…. its included in the price (I know, it’s awesome right?) Moreover, they have soy milk and almond milk AND they do have a PRINTER!!!! My wish has just come true.

41 RUE REAUMUR, Paris 3e

Metro: Art & Metiers

Opened every single day of the week until quite late.

4 euros / hour – Price capped at 16 euros if you go over 4 hours.

Possibility to book a meeting room for 6 people for a minimum of 2 hours, which can be convenient if you do not have any office in town and are not willing to meet your clients at home.




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