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FREE nail bar @Sephora, Colombus Circle


Hello Ladies,

Beauty & nail lovers, please read through!

I was happily introduced to the Sephora nail bar last weekend and I’m sure that some of you will like it as much as I do (if you haven’t tried it already)!

For girls like me who are on a budget, you’ll be glad to know that it is 100% FREE! And you can try as many colors and styles as you like. There are pictures posted up of different looks you can come up with at each booth, so you can stop where the nailart speaks to you :) .


Whether you want your nails to look like a pink galaxy or be painted in a single color, you can create whatever you feel inspired by that day.


If I lived near Columbus Circle, I’d probably end up there at least once a week…. You have everything you need: All types of nail polishes, cottons, nail polish remover, nail polish drying spray etc. In short, Sephora has created a little nail paradise made accessible to us all. #thanks.

So, enjoy and let your creativity guide you! – or not – you can follow the look of the pictures in front of you if your inner artist doesn’t manifest…

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