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BENEDICT, Hotel de Ville


Another day, another brunch! Right in the heart of ‘Le Marais’, this spot could easily be defined as the ‘egg paradise’. The chef reimagines the ‘egg’ endlessly: with salmon, bacon, truffle, avocado, cheese or even ‘a l’italienne’… with so many varied options on the menu, you’re sure to find a version adapted to your tastes!

If, for any reason, you don’t find an a la carte combination that sparks your interest, you can mix and match – to an extent. This is one of the few places in Paris which actually caters to some adaptation of their menu on occasion, and it’ll only cost you a smile. We dug deep, asked nicely and were pleasantly surprised when the waiter approved my friend’s request for a slight customisation of her eggs benedict dish. See below.

benedict-paris-restaurant-brunchSHAKSHOUKA: Made of a poached egg, capsicums, candied tomatoes and mergez sausages. A great mix of spices! Very flavourful.

benedict-paris-restaurant-brunchEggs benedicts with mushrooms and spinach

The + + +

The place is bright, in the center of Paris. Perfect for a walk around Le Marais and Hotel de Ville after your feast.

Food is good and prices arereasonable, on par with the quality of the food.


The – – –

This spot is good for people who can eat everything (not so much for dairy intolerant people). Case in point: The chef uses sour cream in the hollandaise sauce… which is normally made of eggs, lemon and butter. As a result, I decided to order a replacement side for brunch…

The fries…. way too soft, with a crucial lake of taste.


Adresss : 19 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie, 75004 Paris
Telephone :01 42 76 91 37




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