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Ciel de Paris, Paris 15e


When my Brazilian friends told me that they were arriving in Paris and that they wanted to go to a nice restaurant, I just got a little anxious. Indeed, I am French and I have been living in Paris for about a year now so that means I’m supposed to have the place wired, right?


I obviously know a lot of good restaurants in the city but I wanted something special, and the first thing that came to my mind was a rooftop restaurant.

After crawling the web for all the existing rooftop restaurants in the capital … I decided that Ciel de Paris would be a great first trial: Reviews were good, pictures looked great, and most importantly… we managed to have a table available for four people that night!











All the rooftop restaurants in Paris are very expensive (around 100€ per person for a meal), yet it is completely worth it.

Ciel de Paris is located at the top of the Montparnasse tower (56th floor) and it will certainly offer you one of the most dreamy views of Paris. Yep… that 40 second lift ride will take you to one of the best Parisian spots to take a bunch of fantastic pictures. The decor is a mix of futuristic shapes and retro-glam furniture. The dining room is outfitted with sleek gray seating and the overhead lighting winks at the restaurant’s bubbly-inspired theme. Every detail counts, especially the lighting that will come right on your table at night time… The restaurant was actually recently redesigned by the famous French designer ‘Noé Duchaufour-Lawrence’.


Anyways – the decor is nice for sure but… the real star of the show? The View! And your attention will be focused on one particular building that will face you all night long: The Eiffel Tower – that will be magically lit two or three times during your dinner. One advice: get there arount 7pm… so that you can have all the views: Day time, Sunset and Dusk… 🙂


Regarding the food, I did not know what to expect because these rooftop restaurants can sometimes be great for the view, and not so much fo the food… but Ciel de Paris was actually pretty great for both! The cuisine is the work of the French Duo: Chef Christophe Marchais & Baptiste Méthivier.

Here was our rundown…



We started with some Duck foie gras served with Pineau des Charentes Mango chutney – A nice sweet and spicy mix. My friends got the famous lobster soup and its salpicon flavoured with sea urchin. We also got the heart of smoked salmon. All delicious, meticulously and skillfully executed appetizers.


For the main course, we all fell for the Royal sea bream served with stir fried wok vegetables and a sauce made of soy sauce, butter, sweet spices and red wine… The sauce was delicious and, well-filling!


For desserts, we picked the creme brulée and the chocolate cake. I was quite disappointed with the chocolate cake though that was crucially lacking flavours (I thought)… but my Brazilian friends seem to have enjoyed it!




+ + +

The view is really breathtaking… Food is great and cocktails are fantastic!

One waiter was actually very nice and offered my friends and I a table right next to the window after some other people probably cancelled their reservation… which made us all very excited.

– – – 

Go there with a full wallet… because the bill will be high! Three course dinner menus run from 65€ to 114.00€, the latter including a guaranteed seat by the window plus free-flowing champagne. If you want another option that will be easier on the wallet at 38 €, go there at lunch for the three-course menu. Or, you can go there for tea (daily from 3-6 P.M.) to sample a savory or sweet mille-feuille from their very own Bar a Millefeuille.

The service was not really what we expected: we were served by at least 4 different waiters… one was great but then it just became quite confusing… and one of them had an awful English, my friends had a tough time understanding him. Also, for a restaurant that is meant to receive an ‘international crowd’, my friend and I who are both lactose intolerant (and is something quite common) and mentioned it to one of the waiters were just really surprised to see him arrive with a ‘mise en bouche’ made of cheese… When we told him that we could not have the dish because we were lactose intolerant he asked us if there was lactose in cheese…… seriously? That dude really needs to beef up his knowledge of food if he wants to work for a restaurant of that standing. The menu is also poorly translated in English – there are a lot of mistakes, not so great for a high-profile restaurant!


Address: Tour Maine Montparnasse, 56ème étage, 33 Avenue du Maine, 75015 Paris
Telephone :01 40 64 77 64


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