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Le Périgord, Midtown East


Le Périgord was a former earldom of France that is currently part and known as the county of Dordogne. The region is famous for its ducks (especially for making Foie Gras) as well as its truffles and Mont Bazillac (one of my favourite wines!!).

I read a lot of reviews about this restaurant which made me want to try it. Described as a traditional restaurant that captured the way that food had been cooked and served in the 1950’s, it sounded like a must-go spot in NYC. The opportunity to dine the way my grandparents would have seemed rare and intriguing… So I took it like a throwback to the 50’s! This restaurant is also considered to be one of the top French restaurants in New York City on a few reputable websites.


To be honest, when i stepped in with my friend (who is in his late 20’s) we felt like we were in a retirement home… The atmosphere was very austere and it smelt kind of ‘old’. No music, no frills, very classic. The way the tables were set could not have been more traditional: white linen, white plates,white napkins and a jar of roses in the middle. The complete opposite of a Nobu or a Buddakan; if I had to give you a better idea of what to expect. Its perfect for a family reunion, a formal meeting or even your grandma’s birthday, but not so much for a crazier-type of celebration I reckon. Not to mention the restaurant gets empty around 11.30pm…. since grandpa and grandma are going to bed early (JK 🙂 ).


Now that the experience is over, I want to say that I am still very glad I went there because the food was excellent and the service was up to high standards, despite the … geriatric… setting ;). The garçon knew the whole menu impeccably as well as the wine list. He was extremely friendly and professional. Besides that, I think it’s important to experience different things and I like to have different feelings when I walk through the door of a restaurant. I don’t like to go to the same restaurants over and over… It was another new experience that ultimately satisfied my desires.

le-perigort-nyc-french-restaurant-snailsWe started our dinner with the snails and a platter of oysters. The snails were not served the more popular way but the dish looked as great as it tasted.

le-perigort-nyc-french-restaurant-oystersThe oysters were fresh but the person who opened them probably needs some more training… I was able to find some pieces of the shell inside a few of them…

For the main dishes, here is what we picked:

le-perigort-nyc-french-restaurant-sole-meuniere-fishThe Sole Meuniere was a pure delight and perfectly cooked. The sauce (a mix of butter and lemon) accompanied it very well. Exactly the way I love it!

le-perigort-nyc-french-restaurant-vealThe veal in its morille sauce was also delicious! I really don’t think you could make any bad choice amongst their selection of dishes. Each sounds better than the other.

le-perigord-nyc-chocolate-souffleThe chocolate soufflee looked good but the taste was disappointing though… After being to Asiate, I don’t think I’ll ever find one that is equivalent in terms of taste, so I’m doomed to be let down by chocolate souffles for the rest of my life 🙁 What’s more, and it’s not in their favour, the chocolate sauce to pour inside the soufflé was ‘cold’ by the time it was brought to the table. I still finished all of it though….

The + + +

– Great traditional French food. If you’re looking for typical dishes, that’s your spot!

– A different/unusal dining-experience: throwback to the 50’s.

– The service is excellent

The  – – –

– I know that they want to keep the ‘traditional’ look rolling but they would need to uplift the ambiance a bit. Whether it is with some nice and more trendy candles on the tables with a pleasant smell or some more colours in the room… I think it wouldn’t hurt the restaurant to attract a larger crowd rather than elderlies only…

– The price tag ($60 for a Sole Meuniere… kind of expensive,right?)

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  1. Great review and I agree the place could ensure its survival by updating the decor just a bit and perhaps simplifying their menu.

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