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MISS KO, Paris 8e


The Miss Kō concept ‘exceeds food service’.


As far as I’m concerned, the decor just made me feel like I was entering Yayoi Kusama’s brain again (I’ve been to one of her exhibitions, never actually got into her brain)… Feeling like you are going to take part of a movie scene or entering another sort of galaxy is the feeling that you should get when you get through the door of Miss Kō. This spot definitely mixes food with Art, staging a global masterpiece showcasing animated tables, exuberant lighting, design walls with projections of animated faces and curtains with drawings of people close to naked and… let’s not forget… the mysterious Miss Ko.  


The atmosphere is a full package and there will be – for sure – something that will catch your attention. For me, that was the projection of that moving dragon coming back and forth on the bar, with Japanese TV footages in the background that caught most of my attention (to the frustration of my friends ). The music was also very well picked. It just brought the perfect lounge touch that puts you in the right mood, you know?


Now… if you just go there for the food, you may be disappointed because it is quite unauthentic, yet extremely good I thought. Just get ready for that Japanese fusion combo! This is a very large selection of dishes and all sound better than the other! 

miss-ko-restaurant-parisAll the sushi were original in terms of taste and tasted great.
miss-ko-paris-salmonHere is the SAKANA CEVICHE: Thin sliced salmon served with a coconut milk chantilly, a soy-honey sauce and some red chard sprouts. It was FANTASTIC.

miss-ko-paris Angus Japan Style Rib Steak deglazed with japanese whisky, baby potatoes and shiitaké, volcanic salt: perfectly cooked.


The cocktails are meant to be ingenious, yet they disappoint a bit. You can feel like they tried hard to dynamize them with a kick of Asian flavours such as yuzu, tea, saké, shiso leaves, ginger etc But the truth is, they are actually very light in taste, and in strength. It’s probably the only thing they really need to work on, the rest being really good 🙂


Moreover, I was expecting something really cool in the bathroom downstairs with some shady, dark and gloomy projections…. but I think they just forgot the downstairs area. Indeed, it just remained too classy. It could have definitely been more funky!

miss-ko-restaurant-parisThe curtains at the entrance…

Service was good despite the number of people. The only spot where they tend to be slower is when you are outside on the terrasse (where I was, the third time I went there).


Overall, that was a great and experience and I definitely recommend this place – especially for a first date, since it’s all very cool and trendy! It just has that vibe that you’re going for – trust me 😉


The atmosphere

The location


Originality of the food and cocktail menu

– – –

Service can be slow

Cocktails are not going to blow your mind


51 av George V, Paris 8

01 53 67 84 60Screen shot 2015-10-06 at 6.08.45 PM



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