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Socarrat, Chelsea


Who else could give you better recommendations when it comes to eating one of the best Paellas in New York City than a Mexican or Spanish friend? Right…

SOCARRAT is a must-visit spot if you want to enjoy a delectable paella dish. I had never actually tried paella like this before… All the ones I had eaten in the past were ‘soft’ and yellow in color given by the Safran it’s cooked with. Therefore, Socarrat was a (surprising) but delicious new discovery to me!


Socarrat refers to the crunchy (almost burnt) thin layer of brown rice that is formed at the bottom of the pan. This layer is the result of cooking the rice at the bottom of the pan with the juice that remains from the meat and vegetables. Some people would even say that this is the point of ‘succulence’ and an intrinsic part to paella. 

socarrat-nyc-chelsea-paellaWe had the Carne Paella, cooked with duck, pork, chicken, chorizo and mushroom. It was an incredibly rich and flavorful dish! I would recommend anyone who likes meat to get that one. From what I’ve heard, it’s one of the best!

As you get to the bottom of the paella, you will need to basically scratch the pan in order to get the crusted (and coveted) layer of rice on your plate, which is kind of unusual. I’m glad I went there with a Mexican friend because I would have probably been like ‘Um, I’m sorry, it’s burnt, could we get another one?’ That being said… I have to say that it was actually extremely tasty, though surprisingly crunchy! The portions were ample so you won’t need to order tapas as an appetizer if you get it (believe me 😉 )

Here were the other menu items that a friend ordered:

socarrat-nyc-chelsea-gambasThe Gambas Al Ajillo with garlic, olive oil and guindilla pepper. It was ok but the shrimp was overcooked and a bit too dry.

socarrat-nyc-chelsea-tortillaThe Tortilla: a potato and egg omelette. It was average… I would not recommend it. You really have to go to this restaurant for the paella and not the tapas! The tapas we ordered were really disappointing.

socarrat-nyc-chelsea-lemon-pieThe lemon pie: DELICIOUS!


The  +++

– This place is a must visit for anyone seeking a first-rate Paella!

– Their rose Sangria was scrumptious

– The atmosphere was great: dim lighting and nice decor

The  – – –

– The service was awful. Our server kept rolling his eyes every time we had a question and he was also never available when we needed him. He didn’t even bring any bread and olive oil to the table when we sat (we had to ask him three times before it actually came). We probably had the worst waiter of the restaurant… The other ones can only be better!

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