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Spice Market, Meatpacking District


A lot of people may be reluctant to go to these NYC super trendy spots that everyone raves about because a lot of them actually end up letting you down (you can read my post about Buddakan for instance….). Spice Market really blew my mind though. It was WAYYY above my expectations! It had been described to me as a legendary meatpacking restaurant… and I will definitely keep their reputation clean!


The décor was absolutely stunning. You are immediately transported to a Mid-Eastern atmosphere as soon as you get in through a valuable collection of artifacts and elegant drapings across the different rooms as well as beautiful chandeliers. The interior was dimly light, sultry and extremely spacious.


The wait can be insane but is definitely worth it. If you’re not in NYC for long (like some of my friends who were with us that night), have the patience to wait at the bar. Good news is their cocktails actually make the wait enjoyable!  Going to Spice Market is an experience you will never forget! It’s just SO ‘New York City’…  Spice is the kind of place that could totally be featured in Gossip Girl or Sex and the City.


We were lucky to be allocated a private dining area in one of the lovely alcove rooms downstairs. The space could even be closed with nice curtains for more privacy. I would really recommend this restaurant for large groups to have a similar experience. The restaurant is also famous for serving family-style plates so the more people, the better!


The food and the service were just as great as the ambiance. Our waiter was the man! He made sure that we didn’t have any allergies or dislikes before ordering and he took extra good care of us: always there when we needed him, super friendly and he never rushed us! Certainly some of the best customer service I’ve experienced in NYC!

What’s more, I was very impressed with the food (to my surprise!). My experience at Buddakan was so disappointing that I was a bit scared to go to Spice Market in the first place. Usually, large restaurants are not synonymous with fine dining… But Spice market really made a hit! The food was top-notch and beautifully presented. We all loved the place and left speechless. It was definitely a 5-star experience from the moment we walked in to the moment we walked out!

Here was our food rundown (forgive me in advance for the poor quality pictures… the room was very dark and it was difficult to photograph the dishes).

spice-market-nyc-meatpackingThe Grilled Chicken Satay served in a spiced peanut sauce: EXCELLENT! The dish was original and super tasty. Everyone loved it.

spice-market-nyc-meatpackingThe lobster summer roll in its citrus-dill gelee and sriracha emulsion. The bites were great and fresh but the dill was taking over the other flavours a bit too much for me personally.

The steamed Shrimp Dumplings in a Lobster and shitake mushroom sauce. This item was our prize winner! It was phenomenal… I’ll definitely order it again next time I go back!

spice-market-nyc-meatpackingThe Striped Bass, served with wok‌ fried napa cabbage jicama and cucumber. Great dish if you’re into fish! 

spice-market-nyc-meatpackingThe Chili-Garlic Egg Noodles with the Seared shrimp and star anise. Nothing revelatory but still a great noodle dish!

spice-market-nyc-meatpackingThe Red Curried Duck with Pineapple sambal. SUCCULENT! I always love coconut milk-based dishes mixed with some nice curry kicks.

We were unfortunately all too full to order desserts… Next time we will make sure to leave some extra room! :p

The + + +

– Incredible space and fun atmosphere

– Delicious food: Delightful use of spices throughout the meal (nothing was too spicy)!

– Great cocktails: The Ginger Margaritta was the best!!!

– Amazing customer service – The price: We ended up paying approximately $55 per person – which, with all the items that we ordered seemed unbelievable. We checked the bill several times… but all seemed pretty accurate! 

The – – –

– The wait can be annoying… Even with a reservation we had to wait at the bar for 45 minutes.

– The air conditioning is way too strong downstairs in the private dining areas.


TRAIN STOP – 8th av 14th St



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