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TAO, Meatpacking


Nice museum, Josh! Oh wait, no… that’s a restaurant? Gosh! Silly me… Of course. We’re at TAO Downtown. In one word: WOW! I loved this place. It certainly has a lot to show off about!


The decor was impressive, from the long corridor when you walk in with sultry lighting and beautiful paintings of Asian ladies to the enormous Buddha statue in the main room: it is a feast for your eyes as much as for your stomach! You won’t even know where to start looking—there is a LOT to see. You’re bored? Oh well… just look above you at their amazing ceiling or around you at the beautiful diners, while I’ll be enjoying every single bite of the yummy dishes that keep coming out.


Tao is definitely another of these scene-y NYC restaurants, BUT it comes with the fine dining too (YESSS)! It was very similar to Spice Market or ABC Kitchen in terms of atmosphere: there is a sexy, young vibe and the crowd is certainly nice enough to be considered part of the décor!

tao-nyc-buddhaTao’s beautiful Buddha in the dining hall



As I said, the food was great as well! Here was our rundown:

tao-nyc-Chicken Satay in thai chili: Spic-ilicious! Just as great as the ones I had at Spice Market.

tao-nyc-Tuna carpaccio: it tasted great, but I do not recommend it if you’re hungry 🙂

tao-nyc-Salmon Tartare, a classic! It was great and fresh.

tao-nyc-Spicy Tuna Tartare on Crispy Rice: Orginal dish, very flavourful and crispy. Definitely one of my favourite items!

tao-nyc-The casserole of tender and succulent lobster wonton in shiitake ginger broth 

tao-nyc-gyoza-friedFried Chicken Gyoza with Napa Cabbage and Soy Dipping Sauce: excellent!

tao-nyc-Pork bao buns: first time I tried and loved it!

tao-nyc-Pad Thai noodles with shrimps: simple but great!

The service was a bit slow though and the server could have been more knowledgeable about the dishes, and more inspired when it comes to recommendations but oh well.. it could have been worse for a busy night!


The + + +

– VERY VERY impressive decor… Didn’t expect such scenery!

– Food is top notch, delicious, phenomenal, yummy… whatever adjective sounds good to you to describe ‘succulent’! … amazing?

– Not as expensive as we thought for all the food we ordered and the experience we had. Great place to share dishes: you’ll try a lot and you will end up with a check of ~$55/ person


The – – –

– The service could have been faster and more friendly

I would not recommend this place for an intimate dinner: it’s kind of loud and you can’t have a lot of intimacy in such a huge open space…




TRAIN – 14th St 8th av


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